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Investment Agent

  Our advantage:
  1. The brand and reputation are good, and it has a certain influence in the boiler industry! 2. South Korea's advanced technology and fully automated production equipment! 3. The group company is strong! 4. Good product quality and perfect A / S service system
  Agency policy:
  1. All information in the agent area belongs to the agent! 2. One-to-one factory service "pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale! 3. With the interests of agents as the core, fully cooperate with the sales of agents!
  Agent joining requirements:
  1. There are formal business operation procedures (general taxpayers) 2. There is an independent office space 3. Good financial strength and a perfect after-sales system! 4. Have good social relations and market development capabilities in the region; 5. Have good business management ideas and experience, have a good reputation and a pragmatic and serious business attitude, and are willing to regularly receive technical training and assessment and compliance provided by the headquarters. The unified price policy of the headquarters, as well as other standardized management, recognition and active cooperation with the effective management policy and management model of the business headquarters.