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After-sales service

Long warranty period-all products sold by our company have a warranty period of 12 months
After-sales service:

1. The design and production of products are strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 system.
2. Formulate a quality control plan and fully implement it as planned.
3. In the manufacturing process of the product, accept the demand side to send personnel to conduct random inspection and supervision inspection of the product, and give full cooperation to the supervision and inspection personnel of the company.
4. During the equipment installation process, our company can send site representatives to conduct on-site command and participate in product debugging.
5. In the whole supply process and after the commissioning, the supplier needs to cooperate to deal with it. After receiving the notification, we will ensure that we will arrive at the site as required by the user (customers in Jiangsu Province, arrive in 24 hours, and customers in other provinces and cities 48 hours , 72 hours for remote customers). If the problem is not solved, the service staff will not leave the scene.