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What are the ways to improve the thermal efficiency of oil-fired hot water boile

Author: Yangzhou Grand Boiler Co., Ltd. Release date : 2020-03-12 11:08:37
  Improving thermal efficiency is an important issue for oil-fired hot water boilers. In the actual production process, oil-fired hot water boilers use the fuel's ability to burn to convert it into electrical energy or other mechanical energy, which is used in production. So how to improve the thermal efficiency of oil-fired hot water boiler? We can start from the following aspects.
  1. Reduce the excess air rate. In the design of oil-fired hot water boilers, the thermal efficiency of the furnace can be improved by reducing the excess air rate. In order to reduce the excess air rate, an air inlet baffle is usually provided to adjust the combustion air. For oil-fired or gas-fired hot oil furnaces, low excess air burners can be used.
  2. Adopt waste heat boiler for heat recovery. The waste heat boiler is used to heat water or generate steam by using the heat from the waste heat of flue gas discharged from the boiler. The installation of this waste heat boiler will not change the fuel consumption of the hot oil furnace itself. The hot water or steam generated by the waste heat boiler can be used for production and heating, thereby saving fuel indirectly by ADSF.
  3. Install air preheater. One of the effective measures to improve the thermal efficiency of oil-fired hot water boilers is the use of air preheaters for heat recovery. However, the problem with air preheaters is that low-temperature corrosion of materials is likely to occur when sulfur-containing fuels are used. In order to control this corrosion to a certain degree, a lower limit should be set for the temperature of the metal in the low temperature zone according to the amount of sulfur in the fuel. For this reason, there is also a restriction on the temperature of the flue gas at the outlet of the air preheater.
  4. Increase the heat transfer area of ​​the convection section. Increasing the ADF heat transfer area can improve the furnace thermal efficiency. However, in general, the heat transfer area of ​​the radiation section has an appropriate range due to the size of the grate or the shape of the burner, and it is not a good idea to excessively increase the heat transfer area of ​​the radiation section. Therefore, the method of increasing the heat transfer area of ​​the convection section is usually adopted to achieve the purpose of improving the thermal efficiency of the furnace.
  5. Use fuel oil hot water boiler correctly. The fuel must use kerosene, diesel, do not use gasoline and heavy oil, the rated voltage of the power supply is 220V or 380V, and the voltage fluctuation range is within ± 5% of the rated voltage. When the temperature in winter is below 0 ℃, diesel oil often appears to be solidified and is not easy to use. Generally, -10 # diesel or kerosene is used. The ground wire should be installed when the machine is installed. Lightning conductors should be installed in high-rise buildings.
  Through some effective measures, the fuel oil hot water boiler can be fully burned, thereby improving the utilization rate of heat energy, so that the production efficiency and production cost of the fuel oil hot water boiler are improved. Hope that the operator can understand and master the above.